Monday, 10 August 2015

Integrated Markeing

Integrated marketing is an approach to the brand communication where the different modes work together to convey the brand message in such a way to the customer that the customer should have a seamless experience.
The marketing programs are consists of various decision for value enhancing marketing activities. Marketing activities take place in many forms. One of them is known as a marketing mix that can be defined as a set of marketing tools and approaches. The organizations and companies use these sets to achieve their marketing goals.  These tools are known as 4p; product, price, place and promotion.
Therefore it can be said that integrated marketing aimed at combining different methods of marketing e.g. mass marketing, direct marketing and one to one marketing and so on. It is its goal that the market impact of each and every marketing method should be reinforced. And data generated by these campaigns in all fields should be employed.
The fact is that the world has become more increasingly connected by the technologies. Hence, organizations and companies are required to launch marketing campaigns through the different channels. Because customers are plugged in to their smart phones, laptops, tablets, T.V channels and so on. Therefore, they should have the access to the brand wherever they go or shop. For example, they watch an interesting add on their T.V channel, they may take out their smartphone, tablet or laptop to know about the company or organization of the product they just have seen.

How integrated marketing works, can be understand by the figure. In this figure different components of marketing are integrated to develop the concept as a whole.

Integrated marketing make sure that an organization is consistent in both offline and online marketing processes. Consistency is considered a key to ensure that customer understand the marketing message which lead to a great return on any investment. Therefore, by integrating the marketing message and using both offline and online tactics, can increase the visibility of product or service and can bring a high value customer.  

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